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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use Table Memories?

A: Welcome to Table Memories! Start by clicking on GET STARTED and creating a new account. Fill out the information and click CREATE ACCOUNT. Then use your username and password to login. Click on Create an Event and carefully fill out the forms. Then click Create Event and you will receive an email containing the QR codes in a pdf file. Check your spam folder if you don't seee an email within a few minutes. Go to the email and print out the QR code pdfs. You can print them on special paper found in our recommend items page: https://table-memories.com/enhance_experience.php. Then cut out the QR codes and place one on each guest table at your wedding/event. Guests can now scan the QR code with their smartphone and upload fun pictures from your event!
Hint: You can ask the MC or DJ to make an announcement about uploading pictures so the guests know what to do!

Q: Is Table Memories free?

A: Yes, Table Memories is a completely free program. We know that events can often put a large financial strain on you and we want to help you enjoy your event without any additional cost!

Q: Can I create more than one event with Table Memories?

A: Yes! We want you to use Table Memories for all your events so you can save all those fun memories! In order to start a new event you will have to create another free account.

Q: What is the maximum number of tables I can use Table Memories for?

A: The maximum number of qr codes you can print out for tables is 40.

Q: How many pictures can each table (or QR code) upload?

A: There is a limit of 20 pictures per QR code. If this is not enough, you can have more than one QR code placed on each table at your event.

Q: Do I still need to have disposable cameras at my wedding or event?

A: Nope! Table Memories completely replaces the need for disposable cameras as each table uploads pictures that the event host can view later! Table Memories is a free alternative to disposable cameras!

Q: Who should I choose to be my event administrator?

A: The best person to choose for your admin is someone who will be available to help during the event. If your event is a wedding,
we don't recommend that you select either the bride, groom, or any person from the wedding party. Choose a friend or relative who doesn't have other duties during the wedding reception.

Q: How does the event administrator help guests upload pictures?

A: The event admin can see from their login link which tables haven't uploaded any pictures. They can walk over to the tables to offer assistance to the guests at that table.
There is also a "Request Help" button so the guests can ask for assistance if they want.

Q: How do I get the QR codes?

A: Table Memories gives you QR codes to put on each table so the guests at that table can login and upload pictures. You receive the QR codes by email once you create an event. Print the QR codes from the PDF in the email and cut them out.

Q: How do I create an event with Table Memories?

A: Once you login to your account you will be on the landing page. Click on "Create An Event" to get started. Fill out all the information for the admin and event location and click "Create Event". You should receive an email shortly. If you don't, check your spam folder. The email will contain the PDF with the QR codes.

Q: What if I don't see an email from Table Memories after I create an event?

A: If you don't see the email containing the QR codes to print and place on your tables, check your spam folder. If you still don't see it after some time, go to the event preparations page (CREATE AN EVENT) and click on Resend Email. From there add the email address you want the QR codes sent to. Then check that inbox and make sure to check the spam folder too.

Q: Can I post pictures from my event on social media?

A: Of course! You can download the pictures from your event and save them or upload to social media! If you do, we'd love it if you tagged us!

Q: How do I add more tables to my event?

A: Once you create an event you can log back in and go to Event Preparations or Create an Event. Then navigate to the Add Tables button. Click that and you can choose how many tables you need to add! You can also go create a new account and then create an event under that account and add more tables there.

Q: How do I view my pictures?

A: View your pictures during or after your event by logging in to your account and clicking on View Pictures. You can either view them sorted by which table uploaded them, or just view them all in one gallery.

Q: What event can I use Table Memories for?

A: The uses for Table Memories are almost endless. You can use it for events like: weddings, birthday parties, work events, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, scavenger hunts,
church events, and much more!

Q: Is Table Memories available in other languages?

A: Currently English and Spanish are the only languages available for Table Memories, but if we receive enough requests we can support other languages.

Q: Do I still need a photographer if I'm using Table Memories?

A: Yes. We still recommend having a photographer at your wedding. Table Memories allows the guests at each table to upload fun pictures from the reception for you to view later.
Like you would not replace a photographer with disposable cameras at your event, you should still have a normal photographer present.

Q: How do you make money if Table Memories is entirely free?

A: Great question! Our vision is to provide event hosts a way to save memories and pictures from each guest table at their event/wedding for FREE! We are striving to reach out to as many people as possible to get the word out about Table Memories. Our goal is not to turn a profit, but to provide everyone with the tools to save memories the same way we were able to for our wedding. See our Story!

Q: Can guests upload pictures after the event has ended?

A: Guests can upload pictures after the event has ended only if they have access to the QR codes. The guests login link will expire after 15 minutes of no activity and they will have to scan the QR code again to upload more pictures.

Q: How long after my event can I still download the photos?

A: You can download your photos for free up to 2 months after your event date (not the time when you sign up). If you want to download your photos after that, you need to contact our customer service.

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