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Table Memories...
a father's story of love and dedication

Table Memories was started by a father who wanted to do something very special for his daughter's wedding.
As his daughter was planning her wedding, the parents showed her an old photo album and he recalled cherished photos that his guests took on disposable cameras at his wedding 30 years ago.
Heading into his 30th wedding anniversary the father started working on an idea which grew into Table Memories.
He wanted his daughter to enjoy a 21st century version of the disposable camera photo experience. The father worked tirelessly to have the website done in time.
It was tested at the daughter's bridal shower and was perfected at her wedding.
The daughter loved Table Memories and is now working with her father to help others enjoy their special memories too!
Together father and daughter now offer others the chance to save fun memories from their special events completely free of charge.